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Filming in Vietnam is a full-service television and film production company based in Hanoi. We are trusted by leading media outlets and production companies worldwide. Our 15 years of experience do count.

We are one of Vietnam's leading production houses, specialising in brand and corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, and television programs. Concept, research, location scouting, detailed shot list, script, shooting schedule, film permits, actual filming, and post-production are all under our roof. Our production crew, including but not limited to the producer, director, director of photography, camera operator, production manager, sound recordist, prop master, gaffer, grip, production assistant, and runner, have spent years on the production sets. We're confident that we can fulfil the production with high quality. 

Below, we would like to share some information about the Vietnam television and film industry.


As I mentioned on the “About Filming in Vietnam” page, Vietnamese law defines all foreign television and film production in Vietnam as requiring a film permit. It is only applied once you bring in your film crew and equipment. A film permit is unnecessary if you commission a local partner to fulfil the production.

We submit the application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) for television production.

We submit the application to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) for film production.


Although the Vietnamese government realizes the social and economic benefits of attracting foreign television and film production to the country, it is a pity that government entities have not launched any incentives or rebates for television and film production in Vietnam.


However, the good news is that, in October 2019, the Vietnamese government established the Vietnam Film Development Association (VFDA), which will function as a national film commission. One of the VFDA's most important duties is to attract the world's biggest movie studios and filmmakers to Vietnam to produce films.


Vietnam's television and film production industries are still very small. They can not be compared with developed countries or even Thailand in Southeast Asia. We do not have many reputable and reliable equipment houses, and film equipment insurance has not been applied. So, the cost of hiring video equipment in Vietnam is not cheaper than in European countries and the US. 


Employers' liability insurance (for film and television production) has yet to become popular. For a television production project, you can hire equipment in Vietnam. I recommend that you bring in equipment for a big film production project.


Since 2015, around 40 feature-length films have been released annually in Vietnam. A generation of talented filmmakers returning home from overseas, like Charlie Nguyen, Victor Vu, or Ngo Thanh Van, has motivated the Vietnam film industry. 


However, the overall industry's lack of good-quality filmmakers and crew is still obvious. All film scripts are still reviewed by a government entity, the Vietnam Cinema Department. This censorship applies only to film production, not to television production or video production. The review process can take up to three months. One or several corrections may be required.

Filming in Vietnam shot the scene of sunset in the Northwest.


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