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  • Andy Nguyen

Filming in Vietnam produced 2017 AFC Futsal Club Championship for Lagardere Sports

The 8th edition of AFC Futsal Club Championship was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last month. 14 teams divided into 4 groups participated in the fierce competition at Phu Tho Indoor Stadium. As a long - term partner of Lagardere Sports, Filming in Vietnam was once again awarded the status of host broadcast. The experienced production crew of filming in Vietnam has used flyway kit with 5 cameras to produce the sports event in 10 consecutive days.

Filming in Vietnam used flyaway kit to produce live 2017 AFC Club Futsal Championship
Filming in Vietnam's flyaway kit used for live production of 2017 AFC Futsal Club Championship
Phang and Tuan - two main camera operators of Filming in Vietnam to produce live 2017 AFC Futsal Club Championship
Phang and Tuan, two experienced camera operators who did the live coverage of 2017 AFC Futsal Club Championship
Andy Nguyen (standing) and Phuong Tuyen at AFC Futsal Club Championship - Vietnam 2017
Phuong Tuyen, an excellent camera operator, who was responsible for the important position of the ground camera and Andy Nguyen who was the producer of Filming in Vietnam

The live coverage of Futsal Championship was a little bit different from Football Championship. The speed of Futsal is faster. All players always move continuously on the hard surface of the indoor stadium. So the camera operators had to focus on the movement of players and pass of ball seriously. Although each period of futsal game is only 20 minutes, the duration of the whole game would be the same as football. Because the clock is stopped every time the ball goes out and is restarted when play resumes.

Andy Nguyen was interviewing coach of a futsal club before the match
Filming in Vietnam's reporter was doing pre-match interview with a coach.
Filming in Vietnam production team at AFC Futsal Club Championship - Vietnam 2017
Filming in Vietnam's production team and Lagardere Sports team at the end of the competition

Each day, there were three or four back to back games played inside the indoor stadium from 14.00 to 21.00. The champion of AFC Futsal Club Championship Vietnam 2017 was Thailand's Bluewave Chonburi. They defeated narrowly opponent Giti Pasand 3 - 2 in an enthralling final. The third position went to the host team, Thai Son Nam.

Filming in Vietnam team has experienced 10 tough but interesting working days in HCMC. Hopefully, we did not miss any memorable moment of an amazing sports tournament.



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